Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baileys Irish Cream

I once had this drink at my friends place and from that day I just got carried away by this one.. I guess the best  drink  one can have. Buying this drink in India becomes little difficult, so I decided to find out a solution to this. Before sharing the recipe let me tell you what exactly a Baileys Irish Cream is. Its an Irish whisky and cream based liqueur.  It can be drunk all by itself or it can be added to deserts, coffee, cocktails and so on and so forth.
The flavour is so captivating that you just cant go with one. The recipe is so simple and all the ingredients are easily stocked in your homes always...
As its an Irish drink so you need to have Irish whisky but I used Chivas tat also tastes great.

Baileys Irish Cream 

1cup Fresh Cream
400ml Condensed milk
1 1/2 cup Whisky (any preferably Irish but I used Chivas Regal)
1/2 cup Dark Rum
1tsp Instant Coffee
1tsp Vanilla Extract
2tsp Chocolate Syrup

  • Combine all ingredients together and blend it in a blender.
  • Bottle in a tightly sealed bottle. 
  • Refrigerate it.
  • Can be stored for 2 months.

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