Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Papdi Chaat

I have a very chatori tongue.. Just feel like making and eating chaat all the time... Whenever I am hungry and feel like eating something spicy and sour so I make this chaat. I am really find of this one so Have the papdi always ready at home. Its real quick dish.

250 gms Papdi
200 gms curd
3 tbsp Tamarind Chutney
2 boiled potatoes
2 tbsp sev
2 tbsp mint and coriander chutney
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp water
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp cumin powder
1 tbsp red chilly powder
1 tbsp garam masala powder
Fresh coriander leaves to garnish


  • Mix all the masalas together in a bowl along with salt.
  • Slice the boiled potatoes into round shapes. Sprinkle little masala over the sliced potatoes and keep it aside.
  • Whisk the curd and sugar together along with little water.
  • Now take a serving plate, spread around 7-8 papdis in it.
  • Now put in the sliced potatoes over the papdis.
  • Then sprinkle the masala mixture.
  • Spread 2 tbsp of whisk curd over it.
  • Then pour the tamarind chutney and mint chutney.
  • Sprinkle little more masala mixture over it.
  • Garnish with sev and coriander chutney.

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