Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chickpea Salad

Monday evening, and I was still unaware as to what to make for my husband for quick and easy starter along with the drinks. I fiddled in my refrigerator to find out that magical ingredient tat will solve my purpose. and here i came across the most versatile and healthy bean :"chickpea" or most commonly known as safed chole in the Indian Household. Rich in protein and tastes wonderful.
I decided on to make a salad out of it, which is both healthy and tasty and will surely be a perfect starter too...
The recipe made up of fresh ingredients and requires no cooking at all.
Chickpea Salad

1 cup Boiled Chickpea
1/2cup Bell Pepper (Red and Yellow) (Diced)
1 large Tomato (Diced)
1 large Onion (Diced)
1/2 cup Green capsicum (Diced)

For mint and olive oil dressing:
1/2 cup Fresh Mint Leaves (Finely chopped)
1tbsp Olive Oil
1tpsp Lime Juice
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Chaat masala (optional)

  • In a bowl, add in mint leaves + olive oil + lime juice + salt + pepper + chaat masala.
  • Mix all this well.
  • Now take another boil add in boiled chickpeas + tomato + bell pepper + capsicum + onion
  • Mix all this well
  • Salad is ready to serve. 
Mint should be very finely chopped.
You can even serve it warm. but tastes great when served cold.

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