Monday, December 6, 2010

cold winters wid hot vegetable soup!!!!!

hi, there i am posting my very first recipe.. hope u guys will njoy tryin it out.....

Mix Vegetable Shorba....
7-8 Tomato's
2 Carrots
2 Snake Gourd (parval)
1/2 Beetroot (chukandar)
100 gms Spinach
100 gms Bottle gourd
2 Green Chilly
pinch of white pepper powder
Salt to taste

Cut all the vegetables into small pieces.
Pressure cook all d vegetables for 10 min.
Remove from the stove.
Separate the water from the vegetables. and then put the vegetables in the food processor nd churn it well till it becomes a paste.
then put the paste in d water(which u separated frm the vegetables)
now sieve the mixture so that unwanted stuff comes on top of the siever.
now put the soup again on the stove so that it gets thickened....

Garnish it wid mint leaves and dollop of butter.

Serve hot wid bread crumbs and soup sticks..

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  1. The best Soup i ever had...all the health conscious people do try this recipe at home...

    All the Best!!!