Friday, January 14, 2011

Parmesan Cheese...

                                                                   Parmesan Cheese     

  • Parmesan cheese is the name of a few kinds of Italian extra-hard cheeses. It is the cheese to go with Spaghetti and other typical Italian pasta, but it also has many other uses. Parmesan is a part of Italian national cuisine and is usually grated.
  • Parmesan cheese is an iconic hard cheese originally from Italy, widely used and produced all over the world. 
  • Within Europe, Parmesan cheese is a protected cheese, meaning that only cheeses made in a certain way in a certain area of Italy can be labeled as Parmesan cheese
  • Outside of Europe, many generic cheeses use the Parmesan label.
  •  The distinctively salty, slightly granular cheese has many uses in Italian cuisine such as a topping for pastas and pizzas, and as a crucial ingredient in some sauces.
  • Grocery stores all over the world also carry cheese made in the Parmesan style outside of Italy. Some of these cheeses rival true Parmigiano-Reggiano for flavor and texture, while others are of a somewhat lesser quality. 
  • If possible, obtain Parmesan cheese in a whole wedge, rather than pre-grated, as the wedge will hold flavor and texture better, and the cheese will not be as dry when it is used.
  • If you dont find this cheese u can substitute it with normal cheese (Amul cheese) add little garlic to it. and then mix it with your dish. You will get somewhat the same flavour.

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