Saturday, January 8, 2011

Virgin Mojito... With White Rum

This drink can be made both with white Rum or with flavoured Vodkas. It tastes awesome with orange flavoured Vodka... trust me on that...
 Serves : 4

4 limes quartered
8 tsp sugar
12 mint sprigs
120 ml white Rum
80 g crushed ice
600 ml club soda
4 lime slices to garnish


  • Take 4 glasses.
  • Put one-quarter lime, two tsp sugar and 3 mint sprigs in each glasses.
  • Muddle them at the bottom of each glass
  • Add 30 ml of white rum in each glass.
  • Add 20g of crushed ice in each glass
  • Top it with 150ml of club soda in each of them.
  • Garnish with lime slice and few mint sprigs.
  • Similarly prepare the remaining glasses. 

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